Corporate Identity and Image Branding – First impressions make the difference

Your business success is directly related to how well you market your image, products and service to your customers. Existing customers are not our immediate concern. Keeping existing customers is based on price and how well they feel you service their requests. Your future success or growth is based on attracting new customers. You can stand out in a crowd when you look your best.

A successful marketing campaign is based on evaluating who your customers are, by demographic or their buying habits, and then developing what materials will be used to attract them. Your new customers will come in contact with you in several ways. Through; email, stationery, web pages, catalogs, brochures, trade shows, presentations, shipping boxes, envelopes, business cards, posters, banners, etc.
Effectively attracting customers is based, in large part,on the continuity of
your message and image branding in your marketing material.

Are you marketing your business effectively? The best books on marketing tell you to take all your material, anything we listed above, and lay it out on the conference table. Examine in detail what you see. Do you see the same colors, the same font, the same logo design, the same theme and layout between sales people business cards and email footers? If what you see looks odd, outdated or unmatched, this is how you appear to your customers. You will be seen as unprofessional and perceived as not able to provide the quality of service your customers will demand. The appearance of corporate size and capability is related to how well you appear visually and well marketed corporate image branding will greatly impact long-term growth.

Affective image branding depends on continuity. Look at AT&T’s globe, the letters IBM or the words Coca Cola. All these companies use continuity in their message. If you saw the ATT globe you’d know it was ATT without anything else said. Your customers need to be trained in recognizing you by anything they see or hold in their hand that at a first glance says this is you. This is achieved by designing or redesigning every marketing piece you have, to reflect continuity. Everything
they see follows a them or pattern. Color, Font, Theme, Style etc. Every piece portrays an image of who you are and what you can deliver. It portrays your company as an
affective business machine that any customer would enjoy doing business with. It also helps you to reflect an image of market size and stability. Even if you are a company of two, you appear as company of hundreds.

Starting a business is both an exciting and challenging, prospect. Everyone wants to exceed at business and make money. Whether you’re a new start-up or an existing business your success depends on how well you can compete. If you compete locally or globally, doesn’t matter, the growth of your market share is related to the effort you put into casting an image of success. The marketing books will tell you that to grow your business its imperative to allocate a portion of your operating expenses in to marketing your image and product offerings on a continual basis.

digital vision logo  Article Written By :Robert Schonhoff
  Date : 5/28/2011

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