How To Succeed on the Internet

Most companies new to the Internet are often confused by how to secure and use an effective Domain Name, (DN), and what the difference is between a registrar and a hosting company. The first mistake is in thinking the their domain name has to be the same as their company name. If it works for you great, but remember that a DN is merely the name you tell customers to type in to their browser so they can get to your website. The more you make them type in, the more likely they will get it wrong and wind up someplace else.

Think of a DN as nothing more than your website phone number. Remember keep it simple. One of your chances of success is in how easy it is for new customers to remember your web address. A short, simple name is easier to remember, easier to market with and eliminates the potential for misspelling or keyboard error.

Some great examples of how shorter is always more beneficial or how a cleverly thought out DN doesn't have to be the name of the company:

  • IBM.COM – International Business Machines
  • ATT.COM – American Telephone & Telegraph
  • GOTMILK.COM – California Dairy Consortium

Registrar Vs. Hosting.

A registrar is any Internet company that offers DN registration. These companies have an online feature that allow you to test the availability of the name you are seeking. Remember no two companies can have the same DN using the same suffix, such as .com or .net.  A hosting company is the company that houses your actual website. Once you have a domain name, a hosting company will provide the web space you need in order for your customers to find you when they type in your Domain Name.

Step 2- Company Name

As mentioned earlier, your company name and domain name are two different things. While your DN is your internet phone number, your company name is the name they see when they get to your website. When clients see your logo on your website they will begin to identify doing business with you with this image. brand awareness (see our article on brand awareness) is the establishment of a corporate theme you will use across all of your marketing material.

Step 3 – Content Writing

Whether its a new product or service you want to sell online or in print, you need good content, or verbiage, to complete the sell. Poorly written content will kill your chance of success. Good content is also crucial to search optimization. Before wiring your content you will want to do research on your competition and read the words they used. Start by outlining the words you think people will search for, that relate to your product or service. You more thank likely find numerous hits. Pick the ones on the first page and review their sites. If they sell the same thing you are and they are page one, this is where you will want to start in reviewing the verbiage you will need to use come up along side of them,

The meat or importance of your site is in the home/landing page and your product and service page. If you write your own content, a good web design agency will be able take what you have written and format it to fit the theme design and make it web readable.

A common question is "How do I get started with writing content?" A very simple way to get started in writing content is start with your home page. We can not stress enough the importance of having clear, easy to read and “key word” rich content that targets the largest possible group, or demographic.

We have all heard of the phrase "15 Minutes of Fame" that we each wish someday to have. Sorry to inform you that for success of your company on the Internet that number has been cut to 15 seconds. If you don't grab your visitor within the first 15 to 30 seconds, its very unlikely you will ever get them back again.

Your web site will enjoy two types of customers. Those that have done business with you and keep coming back for more items and those who are looking for certain items that an Internet search revealed you as a viable source. These are the customers you are targeting.

Step 4 – Web Page Creation

Now that you have your "key Word" rich content you will need a web design company that can take your message and design eye-catching pages that enhance your story and clearly outline and designate the items or services your new clients are looking for.

Step 5 – Search Optimization & Marketing

You are just about ready to go live. The final step if to have your site search optimized. There are many SEO companies that make a living helping new companies drive more business to their site by using an aggressive search optimization campaign.

A word of caution about SEO. As far as an optimized site go, the more you pay an agency doesn't always mean the better placement you get. No agency can guaranty a page one search hit 100% of the time. Most SEO agencies can assure you that with proper optimization techniques you can move your presence further up the list as time goes by. Its a process that works but it's also a process that takes time to work effectively.

digital vision logo  Article Written By :Robert Schonhoff
  Date : 7/21/2011

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