Designing Material That Targets Your Customers

We know that there are three methods in which your target audience can get 100% of the message you want heard conveyed to them. Those methods include touching, seeing and hearing. Every seminar you have attended, if designed well, incorporates these three learning methods. A moderator talks about a slide that you are either reading or visualizing and you follow what see you and hear with a printed handout or workbook. In short you were told about the item, you were shown the item and you read about the item.

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These methods will always work regardless of the customer demographic. Using the automobile industry as an example, their years of research has proven that certain age groups, demographics, like certain models over others. They know that a sports car may appeal more to young people, especially young men, while trucks will appeal to the construction industry and SUV’s appeal to families. In isolating their models popularity to a known age group they can target the design of their marketing material accordingly.

Think of how you were targeted by a auto manufacturer to purchase their truck using these three learning methods. It probably started with seeing a TV commercial, or passing a truck on the highway and maybe a billboard. You were enticed enough to go to the dealer to test drive the truck. While you were waiting for the salesman to get you a price you were able to read the pamphlets of the model of interest and so on. Not every customer gets the message by reading. They have to touch it to get it. Some don’t get it by seeing it they have read about it. You have an excellent chance of getting your message understood if you design marketing material that can incorporate all three of three learning methods.

Notice how more and more you see streaming video used on websites. Mainly because newer technologies make streaming video easier to download, but also because the advertisers know that as you watch the video images, listen to the moderator and read the words they have maximized their potential to reach consumers who each have a primary learning preference.

Knowing that consumers have a preference on how they might be influenced to purchase a product using these three methods of communication is vital to your success. Before designing material just to have something in print or online, you have to consider who the most likely consumer is and then decide what marketing material effectively targets all three learning methods. Always ask yourself these questions before designing anything.

  • What do we sell that needs communicating?
  • What needs to be designed that communicates what we sell?
  • What communication methods will we use to get our message seen, touched and heard?
digital vision logo  Article Written By :Robert Schonhoff
  Date : 10/18/2011

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