How to Pick the Right Domain Name

A domain name is analogous to phone number. It’s merely the name you give to people so when they type it in to a browser they get your website. The mistake of choosing the right domain name begins by spending too much time thinking that your domain name needs to match your company name. You’ve probably already gone to one of the hundreds of domain name registrars to start testing your company name availability but before you buy any names the next sentence is very important. Your domain name does not have to be your company name. That’s right, your company name and domain name do not have to be the same. Read “What is a domain name?”

Domain names are cheap. You should always consider buying at least 2 domain names. First, if you can get a domain name that is an exact match for your company name get it. Such as This prevents a competitor from getting it, but your company name is often not the best name you should market your company as. Now find a name that is much shorter and works for you, such as,

Why is shorter better? People hear things wrong. Think of how many times you or someone you are talking to have to repeat names, addresses or numbers because you didn’t hear it right the first time. The longer and more complicated the domain name is, the more you stand the chance or someone typing it in to their browser wrong and either getting the wrong site, no site at all, or worse, a competitor’s site.

No matter how many domain names you buy you will market yourself using what is called the primary domain name. Even though you were able to get you might find that works well for several reasons. This is the name you will tell people to type in to their browsers and your email might be Short and sweet and it limits mistakes.

Also, no matter how many domain names you buy you can have all of them point to the same web address. So if they type in the browser will point them to No matter which domain name they entered when they get to your website they can see your logo says ABC Construction & Remodeling.

Using the axiom less is better will pay off in the end. You’ve heard of IBM haven’t you? Imagine how much more frustrating it would be if every time you went to their website or sent a salesman an email you had to type in to get there. Going to or typing in an email address of is short, easy to remember and quicker. Not only do people hear things wrong, they have low frustration levels. It only takes as few as 2 attempts at getting either the wrong website or a bounced-back email for potential customers to look elsewhere.

A short domain name has several benefits:
• Short domain names lessen the potential for fat-fingered mistakes
• Short domain names and email names fit easily on business cards
• Short domain names are easier to remember
• Short domain names eliminate the typing or grammar errors


digital vision logo  Article Written By :Robert Schonhoff
Date : 7/3/2012


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