Ten Reasons to Upgrade Your Website

Most internet users don’t realize that the commercial use and popularity of the World Wide Web, WWW, started in 1998. A lot has changed since then and it’s time to take advantage of it. As with any product, anything built in 1998 will not have the improvements and capabilities as their modern day counterpart. A TV, computer or car built in 1998 will have several disadvantages over newer, comparable, models. As new enhancements to an industry hit the market, it’s not long afterward they become the new standard for that product. Compare a Smartphone of today with a mobile phone built in 1998. The newer models enhancements don’t make the older model obsolete but the owner of the Smartphone has far more tasks he/she can accomplish than the user of a fourteen year old phone.

Just as these technologies have changed and progressed to meet the new demands of the day, so it is with the internet. Web design, web browsing and web searching have changed dramatically over the last 14 years. A website built in 1998 won’t be as innovative, esthetic, robust and competitive as one built in 2012.

Search ranking in 1998 was something you had to pay search engines for; today it’s primarily earned thru site design and social networking popularity and sharing. If your website was designed in 1998 it will still look the same today regardless of the age of your computer, browser and internet speed. But just because it behaves the same doesn’t mean it’s comparable to your competitor’s newer website. Perception is 9/10ths of the law. If you look old you will be perceived to be outdated and ill-equipped to handle your client’s expectations.

There are millions of potential new customers online 24 hours a day searching for and buying new products and services and you spent good money on your website with the bet that you could get some that business. Advertising has always been one the most effective ways of getting the word out about your business and telling as many people as you can about your products and services will eventually result in new business. Internet advertising will allow you to reach far more potential customers than any other advertising medium and at a price far less than you would spend over time with conventional advertising products like print and newspaper ads.

Getting your website built and online is only one of four steps you need to accomplish to ensure you stand the best chance possible of meeting or exceeding your competitors market share, these are:

  • Pick a domain name that is short and simple for your customers to remember and type in correctly.
  • Design a Website that meets the “Best Practices” followed by the majority of professional web designers.
  • Have your site professionally optimized so the majority of search engine providers can find your site and index it properly.
  • Create Social Networking Accounts and use their power to drive traffic to your website.

If you have been online for 4 or more years you might need to consider an upgrade to bring your website up to competitive strength, and, at the same time, perform another search optimization that covers the newer requirements by search providers. If you noticed that you garnered more business when you first went live, but over time the number of online clients has dropped, it’s because your site has not been updated to meet the enhancements of modern day web design. The result is, your competitors are stealing your customers. If your website never produced any new clients at all, it’s not because the internet doesn’t work, it’s because your site doesn’t work. Let’s look at 10 strategies you can use to increase your websites profit potential.

  • Design Widths Have Changed Improving Retention
  • New SEO Techniques Improves Ranking
  • New Coding Standards Improves Page Load Times
  • Social Networking & Blogs Improves Ranking
  • Fresh Content Increases Crawl Rates
  • Keyword Rich Content Improves Ranking
  • New CSS Coding Dramatically Improves Site Performance
  • Mobile Device Friendly Design Increases Traffic
  • Modern Web Design Helps Maintain Competitive Edge
  • Offline Marketing Helps Drive Web Traffic

Digital Vision specializes in website make-overs and upgrades. Whether your site is HTML, WordPress or any other, we can create an affordable web design solution that will fit your business mode.

digital vision logo  Article Written By :Robert Schonhoff
  Date : 7/3/2012

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