What is Hosting?

In order to have your website be visible to the world you will need to have it hosted. A website hosting company will provide several services to you including the kind of design platform to be used such as Linux or Microsoft (usually your designer’s preference), your email addresses and the space you will need to hold the web pages that make up your website. When you buy a domain name and have it registered with the registrar it is not a commitment or expected that you also want a website using that domain name. People buy domain names all the time and park them. The intent is merely to stop competitors from getting that name. In fact, there far more domain names registered than are websites to go to.

If you used Godaddy to register your domain name, then during the signup process they also asked you to let them be your website hosting company by presenting you with many attractive plans that would fit your budget. If you said yes to any of their hosting plans this now means that Godaddy is both your registrar and your website hosting company. We are NOT making any pitch for using Godaddy, just using them as a name that most people have heard of. There are many companies like Godaddy that offer both services and many more companies that offer either one or the other. Whoever you use, you will need both a registrar and hosting company, to have a web presence.

digital vision logo  Article Written By :Robert Schonhoff
  Date : 7/3/2012

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