5 Low-Cost Techniques That Drive Traffic to Your Website


formsDownloadable Documentation
When existing customers call or email with questions about products or services don’t answer them directly in an email, instead, drive them to your website where they can read and download the information they need. These items include: Material Data Safety Sheets; Product Slicks; Contracts & Forms and Return Merchandise Forms



marketing materialPoint of Sale Branding
Encourage existing clients to reorder or purchase new items by placing coupons, incentives and RMA instructions inside every package that leaves your office. On first orders consider placing coffee mugs or mousepads with contact information inside each shipping piece.



chatCustomer Service – Online Chat
If you offer customer support for any product you have you can add a “Chat Now” application to your website or provide an easy to use form to submit their concerns and requests.




Ask users to opt in to receiving a newsletter or email sent regularly to update the reader on new products, changes to services or business procedures and useful tips.



surveySurveys & Sales Leads
Offer a coupon to existing customers when they complete an online survey, or, offer a lead referral fee when existing customers go to your site and complete a form where they send in qualified potential customers.



These low-cost and effective techniques are a great way to dramatically improve your web pages click rates by simply targeting existing customers. The Search Engine providers track click rates to pages in your website and uses the data to determine the pages prominence. The result is, by using your website as a tool to provide data requested by customers, will help improve your site ranking. This also increases your sites visibility to new clients searching for the kinds of products and service you have to offer.

digital vision logo  Article Written By :Robert Schonhoff
Date : 10/12/2012


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